National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles - What is the Photo Ark?

National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles - What is the Photo Ark?

Have you seen our collection of National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles? We've been making jigsaw puzzles for nearly 20 years, and when we were asked to make jigsaw puzzles for National Geographic featuring photographs from the Photo Ark, we were over the moon.

These very special jigsaw puzzles are made from photographs of animals taken by the very talented National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. So, what is the Photo Ark? The Photo Ark is a very important project, let us tell you more...

 'Butterflies' National Geographic - Photo Ark.

What is the Photo Ark and when did it begin?

In 2005, the photo ark was started by Joel Sartore. After his wife became very ill, Joel gained a new perspective on how short and fragile life really is. Fortunately, Joel's wife recovered, and from that part of their life, Joel set about creating the photo ark, to try and get people around the globe to care about animals who were endangered or potentially could become endangered, and the importance of saving these species.

The photo ark is an amazing documentation of species, taken on black or white backgrounds, which Joel says he does to make us look these animals directly in the eye and level the playing field. We see all their features, the look in their eye and it really stirs up just how special each and every one of these species are. 

Joel says there are around 12,000 animal species in human care around the globe, and he plans to photograph every single one of them to document in the photo ark. 

 'Malayan Tiger' National Geographic - Photo Ark.

Photo Ark National Geographic Jigsaw Puzzles

The photo ark is often documented in books, however, we have worked with National Geographic to create 7 jigsaw puzzles from photographs taken from the photo ark. 

Featuring the African Leopard, Veiled Chameleon, Malayan Tiger, Butterflies, Diamondback Terrapin, Great Horned Owl and Animal Eyes - these stunning nature jigsaw puzzles are a joy to complete. And as well as enjoying the benefits of a jigsaw puzzle, your purchase has purpose! Support from people like you help National Geographic to advance science, exploration and innovation to further the world. The National Geographic PhotoArk is using the power of photography to save animals before it's too late. 

Joel Sartore is an award-winning photographer, speaker, author, teacher, conservationist, National Geographic fellow and regular contributor to National Geographic magazine. Find out more about Joel Sartore HERE

Take a look at the fantastic National Geographic Photo Ark jigsaw puzzles.

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