Duo Century Maps – Using Modern Technology to Display the Past

Up until recent times, maps were only available in paper format. Sheet after sheet painstakingly drawn and etched by the traditional cartographic processes making each tile created very labour intensive. The intricacy of these historical maps often reflected the cartographer’s unique style and could therefore almost be considered works of art, they are certainly very interesting to examine especially when compared with modern mapping. In 2009, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) began to release their modern day topographic maps (topographic maps show surface features of the Earth) in electronic form so users could browse and download their maps. They...

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Decorating with Personalized Maps

For those who adore maps, a vision of a private library or study papered with favourite maps is a dream we aspire to. Many of us look forward to the day when we can call a home our own, plastering the wall with the most interesting images from throughout the ages. Now it’s not just map lovers that want to adorn their walls with directions and gradients, maps are becoming mainstream and interior designers are realising the potential as these as pieces of art. Personalize It If you’re fanatical about maps and don’t like the idea of following the interior...

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